Yoga for Kids and Parents at PsihoYoga

11:00 - 12:00
Sâmbătă 03 Februarie 2018

Daca esti in cautarea unei activitati care sa insemne timp petrecut cu copilul, care sa imbine miscarea si engleza, atunci clasa de Yoga cu Anastasia Midvichi este cea potrivita pentru tine!

Sambata si duminica de la ora 11, Anastasia va invita la o clasa de yoga in limba engleza, pentru parinti si copii.

Este suficient un nivel de baza de cunoastere a limbii engleze, caci clasa este interactiva, posturile sunt aratate si explicate prin cuvinte simple, de baza.

Welcome to Yoga for Kids! It’s a great opportunity for kids and parents (and sometimes grandparents!) to connect and spend quality time together in a creative and playful atmosphere, enjoying a fun and healthy activity.

Practicing yoga together helps strengthen the bond between all family members – parents and children, siblings, while they support each other and have fun.


Yoga has tremendous benefits both on a physical and on mental and emotional levels. Some of those are:

– improvement of flexibility in all joints of the body and building of posture awareness

– improvement of balance and concentration

– increase in muscle tone and strength and development of muscle coordination

– improvement in the function of digestive, respiratory and all other major body’s systems

– establishment and promotion of both creative and cognitive brain functions

– improvement in listening skills and the ability to imitate and follow instructions

– introduction of a variety of methods for releasing stress and the ability to focus the mind which enhances concentration and study skills

– encouragement of feeling of wellbeing, increased creativity and imagination

And most importantly kids become aware of the power of their minds and of positive thinking! Over time this can develop into a more caring attitudes to others.

Your teacher is Anastasia Midvichi, an internationally certified Iyengar Yoga instructor with 7 years of teaching experience in Canada and Romania. Anastasia is also a Yoga Alliance International certified Yoga for Kids teacher. Her son Lucas is 3 years old and he is her first student.

The class is set in a warm and friendly yoga studio in central Bucharest. It is an hour long. Please arrive 15 mins prior to class and dress in casual loose-fitting clothing. The cost of one session is 40 lei for a parent/child couple or 25 lei for a child All kids ages 3 – 7 welcome 🙂

The class is taught in English which creates a unique learning setting for bilingual kids whose parents want to expose them to English-speaking environment. It will be also beneficial for children who just started English lessons at kindergarten or school. And remember – kids learn a LOT faster than adults 🙂

Location: Studio PsihoYoga, 20 Batistei Street, Bucharest.

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Sâmbătă 03 Februarie 2018

11:00 - 12:00


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