Anime Minifest – Focus on Mamoru Hosoda @ Cluj-Napoca

24-26 Mai 2019


For the fast approaching Children’s Day, we are happy to invite you to our own, home-made Anime Minifest, consisting of a retrospective of Mamoru Hosoda’s main works and centered on
themes such as childhood and motherhood, boyhood and adolescence, family and family bonds, as well as the future.

We are proposing them by the chronological order of their themes,
rather by the year of their making, and concluding the whole enterprise with an overview seminar that places anime in the context of studio politics and raises questions about (anime) authorship.

The promise we are making is not to let you go without learning a Japanese word or two, and for that purpose we are referring to the anime by their Japanese titles and English counterparts. Our premise is that we are all “lost in translation” and understanding the
meaning of the title should belong to a collective effort of both critique and negotiation.

The linguistic offer we’re making includes, but is not limited to, the talk being given in both Romanian and English if there is at least one person of foreign nationality present, and in Romanian alone, if no foreigners are present. If needed, we can also supplement our
presentation with explanations in Japanese, Chinese and Swedish (should such a need occur).

We aim to reach believers and skeptics alike, to search for great questions starting from good answers and to spark a debate, through anime, about meaning in anime and about the anime industry itself. But above all, we aim to challenge expectations and create new ones about Japan and Asia, about what, how and where the “Orient” is, isn’t, or can be, in a truly multicultural environment.

Held by Timeea, founder of TimOrientalism and hosted by Bookstory,

Recommended age: 10-65.
For a more detailed breakdown of potentially interested parties, please refer below.

Tanoshimi ni shite iru!
Looking forward to meeting you!

Friday, 24th of May
16:00 – 16:15 Mamoru Hosoda: an Introduction

1. The Childhood

16:20 -18:30 Screening&Film commentary
Wolf Children (Ookami kodomo Ame to Yuki, 2012)

Of interest to: mothers, anyone who has a sister, anyone who has a brother, anyone who was brought up in the countryside.
Ticket price: 25 lei

2. The Adolescence

18:30 – 21:00 Screening&Film commentary
Boy and the Beast (Bakemono no Ko, 2015)

Of interest to: boys of all ages, martial arts enthusiasts and die hard Shibuya fans.
Ticket price: 25 lei
Saturday, 25th of May
3. The Family

15:30 – 18:00 Screening&Film commentary
Summer Wars (Samā Wōzu, 2009)

Of interest to: all family members, to established as well as to fringe members of the IT crowd.
Ticket price: 25 lei

4. The Future

18:00 – 21:00 Special Screening and Film Commentary:
Mirai of the Future (Mirai no Mirai, 2018)

Of interest to those looking to start a family, anyone who has a sibling, anyone who has a dog, anyone with an interest in peculiar architecture.
Ticket price: 25 lei
Sunday, 26th of May
16:00 -17:30 Overview Seminar

From Studio Ghibli to Studio Chizu: What Bothered Mamoru Hosoda?

17:30 – 17:45 Q&A Session

Ticket price: 30 lei
Tickets can be found at Bookstory.

Where? Bookstory, Bulevardul Eroilor nr. 6-8, Cluj-Napoca


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24-26 Mai 2019

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