20 Feel-Good Family Outing Ideas in Constanta: Where to Go Out with your Child


If you’re wondering where to take your child in Constanța, we invite you to check out our diverse list of family-friendly recommendations. In this historically rich seaside city, there’s a plethora of beautiful tourist attractions and venues where children can enjoy educational, cultural, or entertaining activities alongside their families.

Let’s take a tour of the kid-friendly places in Constanța that delight the little ones: from event venues and play areas to tourist attractions along the Black Sea coast or museums.

If the weather isn’t warm enough for the beach and you’re unsure what to do with your child, Constanța offers plenty of other outdoor options. Parcul Tăbăcărie, with its shady alleys and playgrounds for children, is an ideal spot for a nature walk or to play with the little ones. The Museum Complex of Natural Sciences awaits us with a dolphinarium, an aquarium and a micro-reservation. Architectural attractions not to be missed are abundant, as well as unique attractions like Telegondola or the Pontoon in Mamaia.

Day out with the kids in Constanța: Things to do in the city

1. The most interesting events for children and parents in Constanța

Constanța comes to life every weekend with a lot of events dedicated to children, offering a diverse palette of shows, workshops and interactive activities that awaken the imagination and curiosity of the little ones. Discover theater performances that you can go to as a family, plays with beloved characters from classic and contemporary stories offered by the main stages in the city, such as the Căluțul de Mare Theater.

We invite you to periodically visit the updated list of events organized in Constanta. Don’t forget to choose performances and workshops adapted to the child’s age and interests, giving him the chance to participate in special cultural and educational events, opening the door to a magical world of imagination, creativity and discovery.

Creative and educational workshops are oportunities for children to explore their artistic talents and discover new passions. Here, kids can learn about technology, history, science, and nature in a fun and engaging way.

LIST OF EVENTS (in Romanian)

2. The Dolphinarium in Constanța

The Dolphinarium in Constanța is an incredibly attractive destination for visitors of all ages, being one of the largest dolphinariums in Europe. Situated in a picturesque location on the shores of the Black Sea, this venue offers a unique experience for parents seeking activities with their children. Here, visitors can interact with and learn about dolphins and other marine species such as sea lions and penguins.

unde iesim cu copilul constanta delfinariu delfini salt
Credit: facebook.com/delfinariuconstanta
unde iesim cu copilul constanta delfinariu salt delfini
Credit: facebook.com/delfinariuconstanta
unde iesim cu copilul constanta delfinariu delfini
Credit: facebook.com/delfinariuconstanta

Dolphin shows are a major highlight, offering children the opportunity to see these amazing creatures in action. In addition to the shows, the dolphinarium also provides educational and conservation programs, contributing to raising awareness about the importance of preserving the marine environment.

3. Romanian Navy Museum in Constanța

The National Museum of Romanian Navy in Constanța is a perfect destination for an educational excursion for the whole family. Structured into four thematic sections, the museum presents the ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary eras of Romanian navigation. Visitors can explore three-dimensional objects such as bas-reliefs and coins, offering a detailed perspective on the beginnings of navigation in this region. The evolution of navigation during the medieval and modern periods is illustrated through stone maps, models of military and merchant ships, and even original objects of considerable historical value, such as Roman anchors and amphorae.

unde iesim cu copilul constanta Muzeul National al Marinei Romane expozitie
Source: Facebook/Muzeul Național al Marinei Române
unde iesim cu copilul constanta Muzeul National al Marinei Romane expozitie exterioara
Credit: Facebook/Muzeul Național al Marinei Române
unde iesim cu copilul constanta Muzeul National al Marinei Romane machete
Credit: Facebook/Muzeul Național al Marinei Române

The museum is among the must-visit locations in Constanța, offering an outdoor exhibition where visitors can see anchors, propellers, engines, naval and anti-aircraft artillery pieces, mines, and decommissioned military vessels. This exhibition provides a comprehensive perspective on Romania’s maritime history and technology. Additionally, the museum organizes special activities for children and their families, including guided tours, workshops, and film screenings.

Check out the list of the 7 kid-friendly museums in Constanța.

4. The natural Micro-reserve in Constanța

The Micro-reserve within the Museum Complex of Natural Sciences is a natural gem in Constanța. Established in 1985, it covers an area of ​​approximately 6 hectares, of which 2 hectares are occupied by a lake with specific vegetation. The microreserve is designed to offer visitors a complete experience of the nature in Dobrogea region.

unde iesim cu copilul constanta microrezervatia vedere
Credit: facebook.com/microrezervatieconstanta/

The park hosts a variety of aquatic bird species (pelicans, swans, ducks, and wild geese), terrestrial birds (peacocks and pheasants), and mammals (mouflons, fallow deer, and roe deer), many of which are natural monuments and rare species with a decreasing presence in the wild.

unde iesim cu copilul constanta microrezervatia pelicani
Credit: facebook.com/microrezervatieconstanta/
unde iesim cu copilul constanta microrezervatia pasare
Credit: facebook.com/microrezervatieconstanta/
unde iesim cu copilul constanta microrezervatia echitatie
Credit: facebook.com/microrezervatieconstanta/

The The micro-reserve is not just an exhibition space but also a wonderful place to spend leisure time in an educational manner and is included in a comprehensive process of modernization and diversification of the hosted species. Additionally, through volunteer programs, animal lovers can participate in feeding and monitoring the animals in the reserve. Recently, an Animal Shelter Center has been inaugurated, which assists animals brought in by various individuals, especially during the cold season.

5. Aqua Magic Mamaia

With an impressive variety of attractions, Aqua Magic Mamaia is the ideal place to spend a hot day full of adventure and relaxation. One of the largest water parks in Romania, it offers no less than 27,500 square meters of fun and relaxation. The park is divided into special areas for children and adults, thus providing an experience tailored to each family member. From slides and pools for the little ones to speed and adrenaline attractions for the grown-ups, Aqua Magic offers 13 fun attractions! From Babypool for the youngest ones to Waterplayground with slides for kids or Multislide where you compete with 3 friends for the fastest landing in the pool, each attraction promises a memorable experience.

Aqua Magic Mamaia vedere

For those seeking relaxation, the jacuzzi pools are the perfect place to indulge in a bubble massage, while the Relax Pool offers an oasis of tranquility and coolness on hot summer days. The Lazy River is a special attraction, providing a peaceful float on the water while admiring the beauty of the park.

Credit: facebook.com/aquamagic/
unde iesim cu copilul constanta aqua magic waterplayground
Credit: facebook.com/aquamagic/
Credit: facebook.com/aquamagic/

Aqua Magic Mamaia is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM between June and September, while slides are open from 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Admission fees in 2023 were 70 lei for adults and children over 140 cm, and 30 lei for children under 140 cm.

6. Telegondola din Mamaia

unde iesim cu copilul constanta telegondola mamaia

Inaugurated in 2004, the gondola from Mamaia has become a symbol of the Mamaia resort, offering tourists a pleasant experience above the coastline. The cable car journey lasts between 8 and 12 minutes, covering a distance of 2 kilometers between the Perla Hotel and the Casino. The cabin floats at a height of 50 meters, while passengers relax on comfortable sofas above the tallest hotels in the resort and enjoy panoramas of the Black Sea, Constanta, and the Mamaia resort.

Telegondola Mamaia has a transportation capacity of 1500 people per hour, with each gondola accommodating 8 persons and a 30-second interval between gondolas.

Locuri de Divertisment în Constanța

7. The Land of the Dwarves (Țara Piticilor)

The Land of the Dwarves is a playground located in Tabacarie Park, which recently reopened its gates after extensive renovation and modernization works.

unde iesim cu copilul constanta tara piticilor

While parents can relax in the park, little ones have opportunities to have fun and play freely on swings and slides, or even get active on the basketball court or at the ping pong tables.

8. Luna Park Mamaia

Luna Park in Mamaia is an amusement park with classic games and installations suitable for all ages, including a Ferris wheel. Located in Mamaia, within the Holiday Village, the park attracts both locals and tourists during the summer season.

9. Gravity Park Constanța

Gravity Park is the largest skate park in Constanța, inaugurated in 2008 in Tăbăcariei Park. It provides an area of 8,500 square meters for practicing extreme sports such as trial, dirt-jumping, climbing, bouldering, skateboarding, and rollerblading.

unde iesim cu copilul constanta gravity park ansamblu
unde iesim cu copilul constanta gravity park skate

Within the park, facilities such as a skate shop, locker rooms, showers, equipment rental center, first aid station, pizzeria, and terrace were also provided.

Entry to Gravity Park is free, and the park is open daily.

Architectural Attractions to Visit in Constanța with your Child

10. The Casino and Seafront in Constanța

The Casino in Constanța, designed by architect Daniel Renard in the Art Nouveau style, was inaugurated on August 15, 1910. It is one of the largest buildings of its kind in Romania, serving as a field hospital during World War I and hosting German troops during World War II.

The casino is one of the iconic landmarks of the city and is located on the promenade of the peninsula, near Queen Elisabeth Boulevard.

unde iesim cu copilul constanta cazinoulThe promenade on the seafront, where the Casino is also located, is one of the most beloved destinations for tourists and locals alike. Closely linked to the history of the Casino, the promenade was initially a boulevard by the sea in the early 20th century, later becoming an exclusively pedestrian promenade, offering a unique opportunity to admire the sea and relax in a spectacular natural setting.

unde iesim cu copilul constanta cazinou
Source: facebook.com/chitac.vergil
unde iesim cu copilul cazino constanta
Source: facebook.com/cazinoconstanta/

11. Tomis Tourist Port

Tomis Tourist Port is the tourist and fishing port of Constanța. Built in 1958 on the site of the former Dolphin Golf, Port Tomis is located in the historic center of the city. At the restaurants in the port, you can enjoy a seafood lunch followed by a relaxing stroll along the Casino promenade. Near the port, families with children can also find a playground.

unde iesim cu copilul constanta portul tomis

From Tomis Port, you can embark on a boat ride lasting approximately 30-40 minutes to admire the beauty of the Black Sea and discover a unique perspective of the city of Constanța. Departures take place opposite the On Plonje Restaurant, and during the season, they operate daily from 9:00 to 20:00. In 2023, the fares were 30 lei for adults and 15 lei for children under 12 years old. Besides the city skyline, lucky passengers might even catch a glimpse of dolphins in the open sea.

12.Ovidiu Square in Constanța

Ovidiu Square is a place steeped in history, nestled in the old town center, where historic buildings and architectural pieces provide a window into the city’s past and evolution. Every corner of the square has a story to tell, whether it’s about the statue of the Latin poet Ovid gazing towards the Black Sea or the minaret of the Carol I Mosque, which dominates the skyline.

unde iesim cu copilul constanta piata ovidiu

A meeting and socializing spot for the city’s residents, the square serves as both a cultural and tourist hub. Its restaurants and terraces entice tourists to savor delicious dishes and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere. The statue of Ovid, erected in 1887, stands as a symbol of the square and the city, while historic buildings like the Damadian House and the Hrisicos House harken back to Constanța’s golden age.

13. The Royal Mosque Carol I

Ridicată la ordinul Regelui Carol I între anii 1910-1913, The Royal Mosque Carol I from Constanța is an architectural gem that reflects the city’s diverse cultural heritage. Built in 1910 in Moorish style, it stands as a testament to Romania’s historical connections with the Ottoman Empire. With its intricate decorations and elegant minaret, the mosque is a striking landmark that draws visitors from near and far. Although it no longer functions as a place of worship, it remains an important symbol of religious tolerance and cultural richness in Constanța.

The main body of the mosque reflects Romanian influences, constructed from stone and brick. The dome and minaret, made of reinforced concrete, demonstrate openness to the technological innovations of the time. The building can be visited for an entrance fee, which in 2023 was 6 lei. Those who climb the 150 steps are rewarded with a view worthy of the effort.

14. The Genoese Lighthouse

unde iesim cu copilul constanta farul genovez
Facebook/Raluca Ruxandra

The Genoese Lighthousewas completed in 1861 and served as a vital navigational landmark guiding ships within a 2-mile radius at sea towards the small port of Constanța. Built with a parallelepiped base and octagonal structure above, the lighthouse stands approximately 8 meters tall. After 107 years, the Genoese Lighthouse was brought back to life in 2020, becoming a focal point for visitors and a testament to the history and evolution of navigation in the area.

15. Wind Street

The Wind Street in Constanța is known as the second narrowest street in Romania, after „Rope Street” in Brașov. Likely constructed as a boundary between the Greek and Armenian neighborhoods in the late 19th century, the street hosts a variety of architectural styles and is an interesting tourist attraction to visit when looking for a place to stroll with your child in Constanța.

Relaxation areas in Constanta

16. Tăbăcărie Park

Tăbăcărie Park is a beautiful destination for a family outing. Spanning over 100 hectares on the shore of Tăbăcărie Lake, it offers locals an escape from urban hustle and bustle. The rich flora and fauna, with ancient willows, pond cypresses, magnolias, reed beds, and numerous bird species, create a unique lakeside landscape. The park also hosts a permanent plant exhibition called „Expoflora,” where you can admire collections of plants, such as the collection of dahlias comprising over 60 varieties.

unde iesim cu copilul parcul tabacariei constanta
Facebook / Primaria Constanta

Tăbăcărie Lake, dependent on Lake Siutghiol for water supply, is part of an impressive lake complex and provides an ideal habitat for various aquatic species. An ideal destination for relaxation, nature walks, bird watching, and admiring the specific flora from Dobrogea region.

17. Ovid’s Island

Ovid’s Island is a green oasis emerging from the blue waters of Lake Siutghiol. Just a short boat ride from the shore of Mamaia resort, the island invites you to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the area, breathing clean air and enjoying the scenery. Here, children can enjoy a playground.

unde iesim cu copilul constanta insula ovidiu

The romantic legend whispers that the island was the place of exile for the Latin poet Ovid, where he found inspiration for his melancholic verses.

To reach the island, you can embark from the Ovidiu pier, located opposite the Casino, using the Ovidius ferry or the Sabrina and Marina boats. With a frequency of every two hours, the ferry takes you on a tranquil ride across the lake, giving you time to enjoy the view.

18. The Pontoon in Mamaia

Opposite the Victoria Hotel in Mamaia, children enjoy frolicking on the beautiful pontoon (walkway) stretching for 500 meters, inaugurated in 2012. Since then, it has become a tourist attraction, concluding with a pier from which boat rides are organized. The walkway serves as a promenade adorned with benches for resting and relaxation, and can be visited in the evening as it is illuminated.

unde iesim cu copilul constanta pontonul din mamaia

19. Restaurants with a playground in Constanța

On a busy day full of family activities or strolling with the little ones, there comes a moment when we need to replenish our energy resources. One solution is to find a restaurant with a playground, ready to welcome a family with children to enjoy a delicious meal while the kids have fun safely. Some restaurants in Constanța prepare special menus for the little ones and offer indoor and outdoor play areas.

Unique Restaurant cu loc de joaca
Facebook / Unique Restaurant Constanța

Recommendations: La Scoica Land, Culture Kids Arena sau Unique Restaurant din Mamaia.

20. Indoor Playgrounds in Constanța

The playgrounds in Constanța are another option for spending leisure time with children eager to play. As an essential part of urban life, playgrounds can provide children with a safe and fun indoor environment to play and socialize in the city.

unde iesim cu copilul loc de joaca Ludens

We recommend several spaces designed to meet the specific needs of children of different ages, equipped with various amenities, from swings and slides to carousels and climbing areas: Wonderland, Inimi Colorate, Ludens.


In Constanța, children can enjoy nature, learn about history and culture, develop their skills, and have fun at the same time with workshops and other kid-friendly events. Here, you’ll find a variety of enjoyable and interesting activities, from beach walks and museum visits to playing in parks and biking or strolling along the city’s promenade.

We invite you to enjoy a day full of adventure and fun in Constanța and create precious memories with your children!


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